Giulietta Pizzeria


Location: 5950 Boul. des Grandes-Prairies
Type of business: Restaurant
Food: Italian, pizzas
Contractors: Groupe Guzzo Constructions

Giulietta Pizzeria brings 150 seats to its 5500 sq. ft. location on Boulevard des Grandes-Prairies in Saint-Léonard. 

Giulietta was born of smooth elegance with practical purpose in mind - with its open loft dining concept, a congenial space where friends, families, and corporate gatherings go to enjoy great food, great wine and warm hospitality.

While the locale is trend setting, it’s the food and wine that are really the big draws — made with traditional ingredients, the Neapolitan pizzas are baked to perfection in wood-fired ovens. The kitchen’s dedication to flavour and authentic ingredients is noticeable by the in-house preparation of fresh pasta and cured meats; while also offering an impressive and affordable selection of small locally produced wines from Italy, craft beers and traditional Italian aperitifs and digestives.