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Who is Mr. Sunshine?

Vincenzo Guzzo (aka Mr. Sunshine) is a movie industry titan based in Montreal, where he lives with his wife and five children. The brash businessman recently became a central Canadian media figure as the newest Dragon on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. His eccentric style and quirky demeanor have made the popular show must-watch television in its 13th season. When he’s not moonlighting as a Dragon, Guzzo is the formidable President and CEO of Cinemas Guzzo, Quebec’s largest chain of independent movie theatres. A naturally savvy entrepreneur, he’s played a pivotal role in expanding Cinemas Guzzo into a business empire that includes offshoots in the construction, real estate and hospitality sectors.

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It all started…

It’s often customary for children in Italian families to enter into the family business when they come of age. That being said, Mr. Sunshine never felt forced into a career in the movie business, but rather joined Guzzo Cinemas out of his own love for the industry.

“The smell of fresh popcorn and melted butter, the sound of a reel spinning round and round in the projection booth, the smiling faces of satisfied customers, all of these things fostered my love for the movie business,” says Mr. Sunshine. “I started working in my father’s first theatre very early on, picking up hard-to-reach popcorn kernels and so forth, and I really knew from those early years that this was a business that I was meant to be a part of. My feelings in this regard haven’t changed over my thirty years working in the industry.”